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Just south of the Macon county line, an innocuous rest stop hums and waits. Wayward travelers are drawn to it for reasons they never fully understand. Take warning - the Oversight Motel offers anything but rest.

This is a personal "Haunted PS1" style-project I've been developing solo for about two months. Depending on reception, I may expand this to a full title, but for now, it's just a free demo.

Please enjoy your stay.


WASD / Left Stick => Movement 

Mouse / Right Stick => Look

Left Click / Right Trigger => Fire 

Right Click / Left Trigger => Aim

R / Right Shoulder => Reload 

E / Left Face Button => Interact (👁️ or 🚪 icons)

F / Bottom Face Button => Toggle Flashlight 

Esc / Start Button => Pause


Game Design by Josh Wade

Voice Talent by Caroline Hull

Music by Wires

Ambience provided by Noises.Online under a CC 3.0 BY license.

SFX provided by fesliyanstudios

PSXFX provided by Marcis 

Character Models provided by Renderpeople 

Monoton font provided by Google 

One Forty Seven font provided by Matthew Welch

PSX Style Cars provided by GGBot 

Shotgun Model provided by cemckrc 

Created in Unreal Engine 4.25

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsfixed-camera, hauntedps1, Horror, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Third-Person Shooter


OversightDemo.zip 202 MB


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good game but no easy controll

Hey I actually just finished your game. Well done!
Was kinda hard to actually get my character to point at the enemies so I kept dying the first few tries over and over again but it was going alright after that practise. :)