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Greetings, stranger. 

If you've found this notebook where I left it, you too have stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime - a statue of Utsinay (ЮЦIΠИ), the last king of Exagas (ЗXAGAΣ). Or, I suppose, what's left of a statue, if even that is still standing by now.

The archeological significance here cannot be overstated. So little remains of the Exagi - least of all their tongue. It is only through oral tradition that their existence was rumor, and only by the grace of a passing sandstorm that this statue could confirm it.

What we do know is that the Exagi existed in this desert for thousands of years until some vague calamity wiped them off the map overnight. Oral tradition in modern tongues lays the blame at some "dawkhawm" [sic], which I have given the working translation "destroyer."

I ventured out here with twenty men and a week's worth of supplies, eager to find my claim to glory. While the men cleaned the tomb of sand and dust, I took to packaging relics for the museums. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to breach the red wall.

Sadly, my team and I can venture no further. Many of us have fallen ill - no doubt a foreign pestilence brought by a supply run - and we can no longer abide the desert's intense climate. We leave today, with full intention to return in due course.

Should we never return, I implore you: do what you can to continue my work. Learn the tongue to the best of your abilities. Use these pages to take notes and translate the inscriptions you find. The secrets of Exagas are yours to uncover.

In the throes of this blasted sickness, I no longer care what people remember of my work. If you can learn even one worthwhile thing of the Exagi, may that be glory enough for me.

- Professor Oswald Damien



TAB - Toggle Notebook

SPACE - Interact

MOUSE - Look

LEFT CLICK - Move Forward

RIGHT CLICK - Move Backward


ALT - Torch



The following experience is a prototype game demo. It does not reflect the quality of the final product.

To play the game, unzip the download and open "ProjectMockingbird.exe".

For ease of play, please run the game in 1920x1080 resolution.

Updated 27 days ago
TagsHorror, Mystery, paperwork


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